Hello! I'm Rogue, an 19-year-old engineering student doing art and character design on the side.

I'm a fan of computers, robots, and space-age aesthetics, which may come through in my designs! When I'm not working on commissions and coursework, you can find me participating in original species communities and working on my personal near-future robot-focused storyline, The Hydra Mythos!

This is my page for commissions and examples; for more information about me, click the button below!

About Me

My commissions are currently open! Commissions include both custom character designs and artwork of original characters.

Interested in my work? Contact or follow me on the platforms below!

Art Commissions and Personal Art

Art I've done of existing designs, such as personal art and commissions!

Character Designs

Character designs that I've made, such as custom designs and premade adoptables!


- Adopts and character designs can be redesigned, resold, gifted, and traded to other people. However, the original artwork may not be edited, including using color filters or AI to modify the image. In the case of original species designs, please consult the terms of service for the species!

- You are free to use the artwork you commission as a profile picture, banner, or icon! You may also post it on your social media with credit; tag or credit me using my social medias linked above!

- You may not claim to have created any artwork or designs that I have created. You may redesign sold character designs, but I must be credited for the original design when applicable.

- My original artwork may not be sold on merchandise or as a print unless explicitly discussed and agreed upon. My original artwork may not be minted as an NFT.

- Payment must be paid half or fully upfront, unless I state otherwise! You will not recieve the unwatermarked artwork until the payment is made in full.

- All USD payments must be made via Paypal or Ko-fi. I will not accept alternate payments such as gift cards, vouchers, Boosty or Cashapp.


You can message me for commissions through any of my social media contacts, shown above!

I am willing to draw and design most character types- anthropomorphic, human-shaped, object-head, monstrous, robotic. I will not draw feral designs at this time. All drawn pieces will come with a simple solid or shaped background; design commissions will have a transparent alt. Other commissions can include a transparent alt upon request!

Non-design commissions will have three options:

Custom designs will be flatcolored by default.


Art of your character from the shoulders or chest up.


Art of your character from the waist or thigh up.


Art of your character containing the character's entire body.


A full-body image of your character, with simplified proportions!


Flatcolor fullbody character designs made to your specifications, or based off of concepts/moodboards of your choice.


A canvas of assorted doodles, sketches, and experimental artwork of a character! These are PWYW, but are a grabbag- you don't know what you're gonna get! At minimum, you will get 3 separate doodles.

Interested in something not shown above? Message me to ask for a quote!